Prof. Almutairi is the director of the KACST-UCSD Center of Excellence in Nanomedicine, which sponsors an annual seminar series.  The 2012 series, in the spring quarter, features both innovative researchers in nanomedicine and biomaterials and editors of high impact nanomedicine-related journals:


  Olivier Laurent, CoVX/Pfizer Peptide conjugation for targeting and delivery of protein therapeutics Apr 4
  Aaron Esser-Kahn, UC Irvine Scalable, 3D approaches toward tissue
Apr 18
  Justin Hanes, Johns Hopkins University Nanomedicine for mucosal tissues Apr 25
  Pep Pamies, Nature Materials Appealing to Nature Materials-- an editor’s view May 2
  Eric Connor, Relypsa Insight into polymer drug development: RLY5016, a potassium binder May 9
  Megan Frisk, Science Translational Medicine Minding the gap: research and publishing in translational medicine May 16
  David Grainger, University of Utah Challenges to altering nanoparticle biodistribution May 23
  Stuart Cantrill, Nature Chemistry Communicating chemistry May 30
  Liangfang Zhang, UC San Diego Nanoengineering in medicine, from cancer therapy to bacterial infection treatment June 6


Seminars are held at noon in 1120 PSB.  Anyone is welcome to attend; no registration is required. 


The 2011 seminar series was held in the winter and spring quarters, and featured 20 cutting-edge nanomedicine researchers:


Dennis Bong

Debra Auguste

Yue Zhao

Glen Kwon

Matthias Nahendorf

Joseph DeSimone

Tejal Desai

Erkki Ruoslahti

Alexander Kabanov

Trevor Douglas

Andrea Kasko

Sean Whelan

Heather Maynard

Hugh Rosen

Steven Schwendeman

Thomas Meade

Mark Grinstaff

Francis Szoka

Eric Oldfield

Thomas Hermann