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The Laboratory for Bioresponsive Materials provides truly interdisciplinary training in biology, engineering, and chemistry.  Students gain experience in the design, synthesis and engineering of both synthetic and natural small molecules, polymers, and higher order assemblies on the nano and micro scale. To characterize and evaluate the properties, capabilities, and biological interactions of the newly developed and engineered assemblies, a host of spectroscopic, structural, and biological techniques, including but not limited to, electron microscopy techniques, atomic force microscopy, light scattering, analytical ultracentrifugation, steady-state and time-resolved absorption and emission measurements, X-ray, IR, NMR, chromatography techniques, SEC, MALS, mass spectrometry (and ICP-MS), elemental analysis, cell culture, molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry techniques and confocal and two-photon microscopy are applied.


We accept rotation students from the following programs:


Materials Science and Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biomedical Sciences



Interfaces Graduate Training Program (biology/health/physical sciences/engineering interdisciplinary program)

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Institute of Engineering in Medicine


Please contact the PI,, regarding a potential rotation.


Postdoctoral and staff researchers


Positions are available for scientists with backgrounds in animal models and in polymer chemistry.  To be considered, please send a CV and contact information for four references to