Sophia presents at Society for Biomaterials national meeting



ROS-responsive nanoparticle receives attention

Our new ROS-degradable nanoparticle, introduced in Caroline's recent JACS paper, has been covered by several science news sites, including AzoNano, ScienceDaily,

Antigen-loaded pH-sensitive hydrogel microparticles are taken up by dendritic cells with no requirement for targeting antibodies


Laura E. Ruff, Enas A. Mahmoud, Jagadis Sankaranarayanan, Jose M. Morachis, Carol D. Katayama, Maripat Corr, Stephen M. Hedrick, and Adah Almutairi (2013). Integr Biol, 5: 195-203.  DOI: 10.1039/C2IB20109G



Biocompatible polymeric nanoparticles degrade and release cargo in response to biologically relevant levels of hydrogen peroxide


Caroline de Gracia Lux , Shivanjali Joshi-Barr , Trung Nguyen , Enas Mahmoud , Eric Schopf , Nadezda Fomina , and Adah Almutairi (2012). J Amer Chem Soc, published online 4 Sep. DOI: 10.1021/ja303372u


An iron oxide nanoparticle-based magnetic resonance method to monitor release kinetics from polymeric particles with high resolution


Minnie Chan , Eric Schopf , Jagadis Sankaranarayanan , and Adah Almutairi (2012). Anal. Chem., 84 (18), 7779–7784. DOI: 10.1021/ac301344d


Single UV or Near IR Triggering Event Leads to Polymer Degradation into Small Molecules


Caroline de Gracia Lux, Cathryn L. McFearin, Shivanjali Joshi-Barr, Jagadis Sankaranarayanan, Nadezda Fomina, and Adah Almutairi (2012). ACS Macro Lett 1; 922–926. DOI: 10.1021/mz3002403


Nanotech Connect 2012

Our lab is represented at the largest nanotechnology conference in the world this week in Santa Clara. Prof. Almutairi was invited to give a plenary lecture as part of the Gene and Drug Delivery keynotes, and Dr. Nadia Fomina is giving a talk as well. The conference is a great opportunity to connect with commercialization opportunities.

Postdoc Jacques Lux joins the group


We recently welcomed a new postdoc, Jacques Lux, a skilled synthetic chemist. He comes from Prof. Julius Rebek's group at the Scripps Research Institute, where he worked on cavitands for chemical warfare agents. Prior to that, he did his PhD at the Université de Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg.


June 5, 2012

Triggered Rapid Degradation of Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery

An Extracellular MRI Polymeric Contrast Agent That Degrades at Physiological pH